Hans Rietveld

Hans Rietveld
  • Panel: Engaging Industry in Innovation for Elimination

Mr Hans Rietveld was instrumental in redirecting the Coartem® strategy creating the basis for the roll-out of the world’s most widely used artemisinin-based combination therapy in the public sector. Since 2001, Novartis has delivered more than 800 million Coartem® treatments without profit to more than 60 malaria-endemic countries, mainly for public sector use. In 2009, Mr Rietveld drove the launch of Coartem® Dispersible, the first child-friendly formulation of an artemisinin-based combination therapy. To date, over 300 million treatment courses of this formulation have been supplied to malaria-endemic countries throughout Africa. As part of the company’s commitment to expand access to patients in the private sector, Mr Rietveld has pioneered a new, private sector driven access model serving malaria patients belonging to the emerging middle and middle class in Africa. He leads the commercial strategy for the two new malaria compounds which are in Phase 2 clinical development, and is responsible for capacity building.

Prior to his roles within the Novartis Malaria Initiative, Mr Rietveld held various positions at Novartis in marketing and sales both within country operations and at the headquarters in Switzerland. From 2004–2008, he served on the board of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership representing the private sector. Mr Rietveld earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Marketing.

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