Daniel Neafsey

Daniel Neafsey

Past Core Course:

  • Measuring Malaria Transmission and Genetic Tools for Surveillance

Dynamics of Malaria Transmission:

  • Population Genetics to Define Transmission

Dan Neafsey, PhD, focuses his work on the population genomics of malaria parasites and their Anopheline mosquito vectors. In his primary role as Group Leader of Malaria Genome Sequencing and Analysis at the Broad Institute, he plans and executes genome sequencing and high-throughput genotyping projects related to malaria and coordinates analysis of the data.

He applies analyses and tools from the fields of population genetics and molecular evolution to investigate questions such as the role of natural selection in Plasmodium and Anopheles genomes, the structure of parasite and vector populations, and the mechanisms by which resistance to drugs and insecticides evolves in parasites and vectors. He also coordinates efforts to adapt parasite genome sequencing to the constraints imposed by the small quantity and often poor quality of samples from clinical field studies of malaria.

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