Ivo Müeller

Ivo Müeller
  • Challenges for the Elimination of P. Vivax
  • Tools for Transmission Measurement and Surveillance
  • Conceptualizing Elimination Research Questions

Past Core Course:

  • Tracking the Beast: Measuring malaria transmission and modern tools for malaria surveillance

Ivo Müeller, PhD, was born and educated in Switzerland. He holds an MSc in Botany & Population Biology from University of Basel, an MSc in Statistics from University of Neuchatel, and a PhD in Epidemiology from the Swiss Tropical Institute. He held a number of positions at the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research, including Malaria Epidemiologist (2002-04), Head Vector Borne Disease Unit (2005-07), Chief Scientist (2008), and Deputy Director for Science (2009-10). Since 2011, he has been leading a laboratory at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute with a joint appointment with ISGlobal and more recently the Institut Pasteur in Paris

His lab atISGlobal and the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute is conducting population-based malaria studies that are both scientifically excellent and locally relevant for the control and eventual elimination of malaria by bridging from basic Plasmodium biology to clinical development of new interventions to control and eventually eliminate malaria. To that effect the research is focused around three main themes: 1) the comparative biology of P. falciparum and P. vivax host-parasite interactions; 2) the (clinical) epidemiology and intervention research in Papua New Guinea and the Americas; and 3)evaluation of the impact of intensified malaria control programs on malaria burden and host-vector-parasite interaction.

Implementing this program means drawing on diverse scientific disciplines ranging from molecular parasitology, host genetic adaptations and immune responses, clinical, epidemiological and population-based research, curative and preventative interventions to research on health systems, monitoring and evaluation, and social aspects of malaria. A special focus lies on studying the P. vivax host-parasite interaction and Dr. Müeller’s group is recognized as one of the best in studying the epidemiology of P. vivax.

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