Iveth González

Iveth González
  • Diagnostics in the Elimination Strategy

Past Core Module:

  • New Tools IV: Diagnostics for Malaria Eradication

Iveth J. González is Senior Scientific Officer at the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) in Geneva, Switzerland. She is currently leading research and development projects and coordinating the team in the Malaria and Acute Febrile Programme. Iveth has an extensive background in basic and clinical research in malaria and neglected tropical diseases that started during her medicine studies in Colombia. Her research work was initially focused on the establishment of monkey models for vaccine development and then in the identification of molecular markers for antimalarial drug resistance. Simultaneously, Iveth conducted several clinical trials in endemic areas evaluating diagnostic tools for malaria and leishmaniasis and evaluating the efficacy of antimalarial drugs.

Before joining FIND in 2008, Iveth obtained her PhD degree from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland with a thesis on the identification of drug targets in Leishmania parasites. At FIND, Iveth has strongly contributed to the development of molecular kits, based on the LAMP assay, for the diagnosis of malaria and other tropical diseases and is currently leading the development of a LAMP high throughput assay for population screening in malaria elimination. She is supporting the development of other diagnostic tools for the improvement of case control and the acceleration of malaria.

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