Elizabeth Chizema

Elizabeth Chizema
  • Combining Interventions for Malaria Elimination

Dr Elizabeth Chizema is director of the National Malaria Elimination Programme at the Zambia Ministry of Health. Among her many roles, she is currently responsible for: disease surveillance and epidemiology; disease control and outbreak response; environmental and occupational health; national malaria control; oral health; research, communicable diseases and non-communicable disease/neglected tropical diseases as well HIV, tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted infection preventive programs.

Dr Chizema served as director of Technical Support Services in the Zambian Ministry of Health from 2009 – 2011. She was responsible for overseeing provincial and district health services and was responsible for performance assessment and technical support at all service delivery levels. Prior to this, she served as deputy director of Public Health and Research, responsible for the National Malaria Control Programmes (NMCP) in the Zambian Ministry of Health from 2006 – 2009. As the NMCP officer she raised the profile of Zambia in malaria control with remarkable reductions in malaria morbidity and mortality. She also served as district director of health in both rural and urban areas. She served as acting medical superintendent and acting deputy director of hospitals in Ndola under the Ministry of Health, where she completed her residency. Dr Chizema is a member of various boards including the National Health Research Authority, the Occupational Health and Safety Institute, and the National Biosafety Authority. Dr Chizema earned her Medical degree from the University of Zambia and a master’s of Public Health from the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

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